Vintage engagement rings

Vintage engagement ringsWhen you are looking for Vintage engagement rings, we suggest that you visit for all of your jewelry needs. Our company, Israel Rose Jewelry, has a complete assortment of the highest quality of brilliant rings available to you. We understand that this is a once-in-a-lifetime jewelry purchase for you. With our professional staff of experienced jewelry experts, we are confidant that you will be completely satisfied that you have placed your trust in us for this exciting time in your life. We will assist you every step of the way so that you know you have made the perfect engagement ring choice.

There are several benefits by choosing Israel Rose Jewelry for your engagement ring purchase, such as:

A large selection of engagement rings

Jewelry pieces to be found from no where else

Expert advise from a jewelry specialist

Every budget in mind

As you select one of the perfect Vintage engagement rings that Israel Rose Jewelry has to offer, you will never be alone. We have a staff of the most highly experienced professional jewelry experts to assist you with all of your questions and concerns. We will advise you on the diamond selection, the mounting and the setting to ensure that you come away with the engagement ring that will be sure to impress your significant other. We also understand, that as a future newlywed, you will most likely have a certain budget that you have in mind.

When you are trying to select the perfect engagement ring, you will have several options and choices available to you. When you visit is at, you will know that you have truly made the best choice for your investment. We realize that an engagement ring is not only an investment of your money, but also of your life. We want to ensure you that with the assistance of our team of expert jewelers, you will select the perfect ring for a lifetime of enjoyment and memories for you, and your future life partner.

At Israel Rose Jewelry, we strive to make your next jewelry purchase and easy and enjoyable experience for you. Thanks to our user-friendly web site, you can select and purchase your engagement ring within the comfort of your own home. We have the largest inventory of the most exquisite and brilliant engagement rings available to you. We also realize that you may be more at ease to visit our show room for a private viewing of our inventory. You can schedule your personal viewing by simply calling 212.944.2370.

When you are ready to select one of our many Vintage engagement rings, we, at Israel Rose Jewelry will be proud to serve you with our experienced know-how and our vast variety of resources to assist you with the most important jewelry purchase of your lifetime. We will strive to gain your confidence and approval to help you select the perfect ring. It is our pleasure and our priority to ensure your complete trust and satisfaction.
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Vintage engagement rings
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