Touch Screen Display Rental

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Touch Screen Display Rental

Tablets are versatile devices with seemingly endless functionalities for the modern world. They offer a set of features that cover many cases, such as wireless Internet connectivity, human interaction, locational specification, and many more. These standard features do not enable long-term stability when you do not have specific functions for your purpose. Here are a few pointers of choosing the best touch screen display rental. 

Type of work

Many tablets make it easy to produce artistic work because they have all the necessary properties and accessories. An excellent large-screen tablet should have a functional stylus and highly pixelated display to provide high-quality imagery.

Specific work applications need special software applications that can handle the specificity of the job. Check the availability of the required software and ensure that the developed proprietary software system meets the conditions of the situation.


The best news about today’s touch screen kiosk rental is that they can handle substantial gaming functions. The ultimate gaming tablet has specialized NVIDIA graphic processors for a smooth experience.


The must-have accessory of any tablet is a durable cover or case. The accessory protects the tablet from potential damage, such as by scratches or falling due to the slippery surface. Other essential accessories include a durable screen material, such as gorilla glass or sapphire glass, a stand to keep the tablet upright, earphones, chargers, and a transfer cable.


High resolutions have several advantages. They create a sharp visual experience with real-life pixel representations and fast-moving graphics and texts.

Display size

The measurement of the display size depends on the diagonal distance between corners. Factors like the aspect ratio and resolution are essential because they determine the display size of the tablet. You should choose a display size that serves the purpose of the project and does not strain the eyes of the viewers or unnecessarily fill up space.

Giant iTab sells its tablets according to the display size. This case is because we base our marketing around the functionality of the screen size. Our store sells a few of the most sought giant interactive touch solution rentals in the market, hence it is essential to detail the products' actual size, with a follow up of supportive properties like the processing and storage.

Comparing the properties of our three products

These touch screen monitor rentals have a high definition aspect of 1080p and an AMVA+LED panel. The screen has a modern blue light reducing accessory and touchpoints that are sensitive with fingers.

The screen has a 12 000 000: 1 ACR advanced contract setting and a non-adjustable height setting and a display dimension of an 81cm length, a width of 7cm and a 44.2cm height. The flight case accessory protects the device while in transit. The white acrylic or brush metal edging enclosure matches and works well with the metal stand for maximum support.

The 42-inch and 55-inch tablet share the specifications mentioned above with different touchpoints and dimensions of a 164 length, 60.5cm height and 11cm width, and a 114cm width, 235cm height, and 58cm length respectively. Check the online store for extra details of the products and contact our customer support for touch screen monitor rental sizes and pricing.

Touch Screen Display Rental
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